Integrity Solutions – Class Registration System

Integrity Solutions (IS) had been using a third party event booking service for the classes they offer. This service, along with most software built for the masses, forced IS into a box, requiring them to present their classes and the process of registering those classes in a way that didn’t fit with IS. We had just finished creating a new site for Continual Learning Institute (CLI) who’s owner is also a co-owner of IS. Since they loved our work on CLI’s site, they asked us to solve their class registration system problem.

So we built a custom plugin for their existing WordPress website that completely replaces the old third-party event booking service and expands upon its features while being tailored exactly to IS’s style. Now IS can easily manage their classes and registrations. With a WordPress-Shortcode, they can display the available classes on one of their existing pages, and customers can register for those classes right there without leaving that page. Once a customer registers, our plugin emails them an email-template that IS can edit for each class-session. Along with a slew of other email alerts that IS has full control over.