Brentwood Academy – Media Gallery

Brentwood Academy (BA) approached us with two problems. They needed a new modern website to showcase all of their new and existing media, and they needed a way to cut down the number of hours they were spending posting that media to this new Media website. BA creates a lot of media. At every event they have a photographer or a videographer, and they record the audio of every chapel. Afterward the photos are uploaded to Smugmug, the videos to Vimeo, and the audio recordings to Soundcloud. BA’s Director of Communication was then having to go to each of these services to download the content and create posts on their Media website which took multiple hours each week.

So we built BA a beautiful and intuitive to use new Media website from the ground up that does a great job of showing off all of their school’s priceless moments. We utilized WordPress as a content management system (CMS) and completely customized it around their needs and technical abilities. At the heart of the customization is a feature we call Auto-Sync. We coded Auto-Sync to automate the process of checking the various third-party services (Smugmug, Vimeo, and Soundcloud), download the new content to the Media website, and create new posts with it with as much details automatically filled in as is available. Then a concise view of these new posts are queued up on the Dashboard of the admin side of the website for BA’s Director of Communications to review, edit, and publish to the live site, reducing the amount of time she was having to spend from multiple hours a week to just a few minutes.