Brentwood Academy – ArtShow

We created Brentwood Academy (BA) a custom web-application for their annual Art Show¬†fundraiser. They had been spending countless hours every year to¬†tediously record every art piece submitted by the 60+ artists and to keep track of them during their sale. With a range of 10 to 80 pieces per artist, that took a long time. Our web-application¬†alleviates this bottleneck by giving the Art Show’s artists and its administrators an intuitive and easy to use system. The artists register with BA and are then imported into the application. They can then log on and add/edit/remove their art pieces that will be for sale. BA’s admins can monitor which artists have submitted their pieces and prompt those who have not via email. When they are ready, the admins can then export the data to CSV to be used in their Checkout application for the event.