What We Do


Apps are a great way to connect with your current and potential customers. Sometimes clients understand their need for an app, but they haven't tapped into the most useful, intuitive, and innovative features to include. At Red Room Software, we want to nurture your app idea, cultivate it, and bring it to life.

We thrive on the creativity of our clients' businesses, and we work to create apps that complement and enrich their goals.

At Red Room Software, we specialize in native iOS (iPhone & iPad) and cross-platform HTML5 app development. We would love to discuss how an app could enhance your business.

Already have a great app idea?

Awesome! We'd love to help you bring it to life.

We believe in clear ideas, intuitive user interaction, and clean designs. Let's talk about how your app can shift from a dream to a reality.


Your website is often the first glimpse a potential customer gets of your business. We want your website to be the truest, most attractive representation of your brand. At Red Room Software we work closely with you to create a website that is functional and fun. We also care about your brand's visibility. While we always build first for the users, we keep a keen awareness of search engine optimization techniques to make sure your fresh, funky website will actually be seen.

From design to online, we create websites that deliver a big punch. We understand that "online" and "mobile" aren't really that different, and soon they'll merge into a new beast. We design websites responsively, so they'll look fantastic on a variety of screen sizes. It won't matter if your user is viewing from a smartphone or a 19" laptop; your website will adjust to your user and look great across the board.

Who We Are

We are a husband and wife team, and we design and develop native iOS apps (iPhone & iPad) and cross-platform HTML5 apps. We also create user friendly responsive websites that look great on everything from mobile to desktop. At Red Room Software, we take great pride in our work and our customer service. Located in Nashville TN USA, Red Room Software opened in the fall of 2010.

Mark Freeman
Owner & Engineer


Mark loves programming. He's created applications for a variety of uses, from music to medical research, company websites to custom search tools. He sweats out his stress in hot yoga, runs trails with his dog, and occasionally dreams in code.

Jessica Bates
Designer & Writer


Jessica received her BA in writing and journalism, and she's worked as a web copywriter for several years. She enjoys designing clean and intuitive user experiences. She practices hot yoga, roams libraries, and writes fiction. She also likes spoiling her dog, Baron.

Baron Von Sniffalot
IT Tech Support


Baron trained at the school of hard knocks, where he led the pack. He enjoys bird watching, barking at the neighbors, and running around the block. He fell into IT Tech Support after a brief stint in modeling where he was quickly replaced by younger, cuter puppies. Baron spends his days leisurely couch napping between troubleshooting server issues and answering phone calls.

Our Work

Red Room Apps


Talkback-Mic iOS app


ShiftyVox iOS app


BreathalEyes LLC

BreathalEyes iPhone app

Mother Tongues

World Words iOS app

Nashville Pride

Nashville Pride Festival iPhone app

Rolfe Larson Associates

Social Impact cross-platform HTML5 app: iOS, Android, socialimpactapp.com


BNA Talent Group


Collaborative Law Group PLLC


Feltus Hawkins Design


Greater Nashville-
Home Inspection


Kali Yuga Yoga

(in development)

Linden Bed & Breakfast


The Municipal Group LLC


Shake The Forest